Annie Villalba



My name is Annie Villalba, I am the founder of Spanish Immersion Rincon-SIR. I was born and raised on the island on Puerto Rico. Growing up, I had the opportunity to be exposed to the English language while in school and although it was taught by Spanish speaking teachers, it sparked a desire in me to learn new languages. As an adult I moved to Asheville, NC where I lived for over 10 years, thus giving me the opportunity to not only immerse myself in the language, but also into the American culture. Upon returning to PR in 2011, I realized we needed to offer the same opportunity to all of those who choose P.R. as their new home. I also wanted to extend that experience to our visitors, so while they are here, they can learn Spanish, our culture and make new friends while doing it.

 I have a BA in Psychology, which is an integral part of my teaching style, by observing and adapting my classes to meet the needs of the students at all times.  

I am passionate about languages. I make my classes fun and interactive, so time really flies while you are having fun learning. I look forward to sharing a little bit about our beautiful Puerto Rico’s language and culture with you with you soon!

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