Ron Ditmore

It was a fun and informative day for everyone involved. Carlos was a very interesting and informative guide. He gave everyone attending a great history lesson on Rincon and some of the surrounding area. Included was the actual spot that Christopher Columbus spent two days in Puerto Rico on his second voyage. Thank you Spanish Immersion Rincón - SIR, Ana Isabel, Carlos and Rincon Transit.


Kevin and Laura

Sir has been the best experience for us! Annie is the best teacher and has helped us to learn so much! And have fun at the same time!


Claudia Germano

I really like the class #1. Annie does a great job of making sure we "get it". It also helps to have other students who are funny and enjoy the class.


Nubia Jones

I was amazed at how Annie engaged every one of her students to participate and be challenged at their own level. She met everyone where they were on their journey to be bilingual. To top it off, Annie's classes were always FUN. Especially, when she taught us fun Puerto Rican styles and variations of the Spanish language. I loved every minute!!


Rhea Maxwell 

Learning a language isn’t supposed to be this much fun, is it?  I joined a class of new and old time Rincón residents and we learned so much while having a good time.  The three hours were a breeze thanks to Annie, our inspired teacher.   Will anyone ever forget the Spanish anatomy lesson?


Lydia Vogtner   

Spanish Immersion Rincon is not just a course; it's a complete learning experience -- structured classes, field trips, games, student/teacher interaction on FB and an education in Puerto Rican history y culture. A great opportunity for gringos in the area. Gracias profesora Ana!


Laura Thigpen

What a wonderful tour we had today! We learned so much about our home, Rincon, which makes us even more proud to have the privilege of living here! The location of the Taino Indians, the second landing of Columbus, the sugar can plantations. I have always loved learning the history of my own family and am thrilled to learn more about our new home as well!  Thanks to Ana Isabel and the resident expert, Carlos!


Rachael Gilmartin

Ana Isabel you are the best teacher ever!! Sir is a great program and I recommend it to anyone wanting to learn Spanish!!!


Finally Fee

Thanks for making it easy and fun to learn Spanish!!


Christine Manning

Jody and I will definitely be signing up this winter!!! Can't wait!


Alison Blizard

When I signed up for SIR's Beginner class, I thought I really belonged in th Intermediate class because I had already completed 3 Beginner classes from other places. The very first day, I was so happy that I was in the beginner class. I learned 3 or 4 key things that no one had ever taught me before. Since then, I have learned many more. I appreciate the professionalism of Ana's teaching. The class is also a lot of fun! Languages are not easy for me, so the 'fun' art is important! smile emoticon


Sally Fleming

I met Ana Villaba in Rincon, Puerto Rico in 2014. She was offering a Spanish Immersion class, in which I enrolled. She is a dynamic language instructor and uses techniques which embrace many learning intelligences. Through her experiential teaching, students were able to practice the 4 skills (RWLS) in a relaxed atmosphere. Her grammar instruction was clear and practice in class was always comprehensive and fun. Students were also introduced directly to the Puerto Rican culture through field trips, practicing local idioms along the way - wonderful and effective for language learning. For speaking skills, her attention to intonation was very precise.  Her thorough understanding of Spanish grammar made explanations clear.  Her student assessments in class were helpful and not belabored. Ana was always prepared for class - with homework as well as the daily class. She was always in class before the students - coming in early in case anyone wanted to speak with her.  Her top strength is her ability to teach effectively with warmth humor while maintaining her professionalism. I can see she loves teaching!  I was also impressed with her rapid assessment of speakers and her ability to immediately guide them to proper intonation. Although we had homework, I was on vacation and would have enjoyed more.  Her quick wit and warm humor disarmed the students so they were able to form a relaxed learning community immediately, making partner/group work comfortable. Students felt no hesitation asking questions in class.  As a university professor of ESOL for the past 15 years, I would hire Ana Villaba for her strong and effective teaching and interpersonal skills.   I hope she will be offering classes next winter!